How To Keep Cool Whilst Driving This Summer

Driving in the summer can be a lot of fun, but if temperatures rise too high things can quickly become uncomfortable. Here’s how to keep cool…

Stay Hydrated

One of the best ways to stay cool whilst driving during the summer is to keep yourself properly hydrated. Make sure that you and your passengers have consistent access to water whilst travelling. It’s worth investing in some proper water bottles, too, as plastic can react to sunlight.

Dress Appropriately

We all have our own tastes when it comes to clothes, but it makes sense to dress appropriately during the warmer weather. If you’re going on particularly lengthy drivers, or know that you’ll likely end up stuck in traffic, you don’t want to be caught out wearing a jacket or a heavy pair of jeans. Consider a t-shirt or some shorts when applicable.

Portable Fans 

Not every vehicle has reliable air conditioning. Even those that do aren’t always reliable in keeping things cool. So, why not invest in some portable fans? These typically fit the a car’s dashboard or seats and are a good way of keeping cool.

Windows or Air Con?

It’s old debate, should drivers use air conditioning or lower their windows whilst driving in the heat? Both are suitable, for specific driving conditions. If you’re driving below 30 mph, lowering your windows is generally the best bet. When you’re driving at faster speeds, however, you’ll just be dramatically increasing your car’s wind resistance; which will burn through fuel much faster than usual. So, use your air conditioning instead.


Sunscreens are a good way of keeping the sun’s rays outside of your vehicle. You can use them to cover windscreens and side windows, meaning that your car should be relatively cool when you get into it. Just make sure to remove them all before setting off!

Park in the Shade 

Even mildly warm temperatures can turn our cars into veritable ovens. Which is why it makes sense to keep your car out of direct sunlight when it’s parked. Try to park in the shade when you can, either close to a suitable building or beneath cover.

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