How To Make Your Electric Car’s Battery Last Longer

More and more Brits are moving towards electric vehicles. In which case, it makes sense to know how to make an EV’s battery last longer…

Don’t Charge to 100%

Even drivers who’ve freed themselves from range-anxiety may still feel tempted to fully charge their car’s battery. However, regularly doing this is a sure way of wearing it out prematurely. Most experts actually recommend that electric car batteries should be kept at between 20% and 80% in order to get the most out of their lifespans.

Consider the Weather

For the time being, EV batteries are quite sensitive to weather conditions. For instance, more charge will be expended during colder weather. In which case, journeys during the colder months may require additional charge. In extremely cold, freezing conditions total range may be severely affected. As technology improves, this will become less of a problem – for now, however, it should be planned for.

Selectively use Rapid Chargers

Ours is a busy society and it’s no surprise that drivers want to charge their vehicles up quickly. Regularly relying on rapid chargers, however, can have an impact on the health of your EV’s battery in the long-term. Many drivers fail to realise, however, that what a lot of rapid chargers offer isn’t realistically needed. Only use them when you absolutely have to.

Plan your Journeys 

Getting the most out of your EV’s range is a question of making the most of its charge. Plan your journeys and the routes you take in order to avoid road works and congestion, all whilst reducing your time spent at the wheel. If you do this consistently, it’ll put less strain on your car.

Brake Smoothly 

A major benefit of an EV is regenerative braking. Electric motors act as generators, producing reverse torque that’s applied to the front wheels. This slows the vehicle down. Relaxing on the accelerator, then, rather than harshly braking reduces the demands placed on batteries. In addition, it saves energy – up to 10% generally and up to 30% when going down a hill.

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