How To Prevent You Car’s Battery From Going Flat

If your car’s battery runs out of energy, you won’t be going far. Here’s how to ensure it’s always got enough juice…

Clock Enough Miles

A sure way of depleting your battery’s charge is by never driving, or only driving for short distances. Either try to take your car for a lengthy spin, or consider investing in a battery charger if you don’t plan on using it for some time.

Reduce Demand 

Some of us like to kit out our vehicles with all sorts of gadgets, from sat navs to fans, from external heated seats to air purifiers. All of these things place additional strain on a battery, reducing its charge. Try not to overburden yours by using too much tech.

Clutch Work

A simple way of conserving energy in your battery is by depressing your clutch when you start the engine. It effectively reduces the energy needed to start the car.

Regular Inspections 

An old or faulty battery will experience problems with storing energy. In which case it makes sense to regularly inspect yours for any signs of trouble. In particular, look for signs of rust or leaks.

Keep on Top of Servicing 

A regularly serviced car is less likely to develop faults, serious or not, than those that aren’t. It also makes sense to spend a little at a garage than a lot later on. Professionals will be able to tell what state your battery is in, and if it’s ready for a replacement or not.

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