How To Protect Your Car From Keyless Thefts

Most car thefts now involve keyless entry systems, but there are simple steps drivers can take to protect their vehicles…

Use a Blocking Pouch

Keyless thefts see criminals use a device capable of rerouting signals from fobs straight back in to the vehicle; allowing them to get inside, and to drive away, quickly and without producing much noise. It makes sense, then, to simply prevent them from redirecting the signal.

Blocking pouches, sometimes called faraday pouches, are made of materials that prevent digital key fob signals from being diverted. They’re relatively cheap, and can completely confound criminals.

Get a Steering Wheel Lock

Even though criminals are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, the old security methods can still make a big difference. Assuming the objective of the criminal is to steal your vehicle, there’s no point using keyless technology to gain access to it simply to be faced with a steering wheel lock.

Steering wheel locks are affordable and easy to put into place. Removing them without a physical key can be extremely difficult, and any attempt is likely to take time and to produce a lot of noise.

Remove your Valuables

Some criminals are simply attracted to a vehicle’s contents, rather than the vehicle itself. By leaving valuables, such as smart devices, cash or tools unattended, you’re making your vehicle a target. If you can, remove everything when your vehicle is unattended. If you can’t, try to keep everything concealed and out of sight.

Park somewhere Secure 

Even though keyless entry systems can be quietly exploited, criminals always face the risk of being caught in the act. Parking somewhere secure, and with good lighting, will serve as an effective deterrent in most cases. If you have a garage, it’s also worth parking your car inside. Visible security cameras can also provide an additional layer of defence.

Install a Tracking Device

No matter how thorough you are, it’s always possible that your vehicle could be stolen. Unfortunately, many stolen vehicles are never recovered. But by having a tracking device installed, your chances of seeing your precious wheels again are considerably higher.

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