How To Read Tyre Markings


Have you ever wanted to know more about your tyres? Here’s how you can read your own Tyre Markings.

Every tyre comes with a variety of numbers and letters indented on the sidewall, these help to identify the type and size of tyre that is needed for the car.

Tyre Width.

The first three digits shown on the sidewall of the tyre give the measurements in mm for the width of the tyre. For example if it says 225, then that would measure to exactly 225mm across the tread from one sidewall to another.

Aspect Ratio.

This is the profile of the tyre. The size of this is shown by the second set of numbers, giving the measurement for the height.

Tyre Construction.

After the first five numbers, there is a letter, which is commonly the letter R. It stands for Radical Construction which means how the tyres are made, specifically modern one’s.

Rim Size.

The two numbers after the letter identify the size of the wheel rim, showing the size of diameter of the wheel it fits on to.

Load & Speed Rating.

These are the last two elements. Firstly, load rating. This shows the maximum weight capacity of a passenger car tyre. Secondly, speed rating. The speed rating is a letter from the alphabet. The higher the letter the higher the speed rating. If needed a tyre fitted with a higher speed rating will fit on the wheel but never a lower rating then required.

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