How To Reduce Your Environmental Impact As A Driver

Cars and similar vehicles are responsible for an enormous amount of harmful emissions, but subtle changes can make a difference (and a saving). Here’s how to reduce your impact as a driver…

Go Electric

This single best way to reduce your environmental impact as a driver is to get your hands on an electric vehicle (EV). Whilst they’re not truly ‘zero-emission’ (they produce emissions during production, and via their tyres and brakes) they do dispense entirely with exhaust-related emissions. Their real potential depends on where the electricity they use comes from. If it’s from renewable sources, they’re naturally even cleaner.

Generally, the price of EVs is higher than that of traditional ICE models. But prices are starting to fall, and manufacturers are rolling out more entry-level models. There are also savings to be made on ‘fuel’ and maintenance costs.

Drive Smoothly

How you drive your vehicle will have an enormous impact on your environmental impact. Drivers who are harsh on the accelerator, speed and make harsh manoeuvres will burn through more fuel and wear out their tyres at a faster rate. That latter point releases more harmful particulates into the atmosphere, some of which can be found in bodies of water and even in human blood.

Keep things smooth and steady when you’re behind the wheel if you want to reduce your impact as a motorist.

Eliminate Needless Journeys

One thing we learnt during the coronavirus pandemic is that a lot of the journeys we make in our cars are unncessecary. A lot of business-related meetings, for instance, can comfortably be conducted digitally. In addition, for journeys that can’t be eliminated entirely walking, cycling or public transport might be an option. All of these options have a smaller environmental impact than driving.

Maintain Your Vehicle 

A well-maintained vehicle will produce fewer emissions than a neglected one. Why? Because new, properly functioning parts tend to be cleaner and release fewer harmful emissions. Make sure to keep your vehicle properly serviced and maintained.

Car Share 

Many of us are car-dependent, simply because we need to be able to commute to work. Whilst public transport is an option for some, it’s not sufficient for a lot of us. In which case, a good way of reducing the environmental impact of driving is simply to car share with coworkers. Why have four people, in four separate vehicles, when they could all be in one?

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