How To Reduce Your Running Costs

Whether your a homeowner, business owner or simply trying to budget, implementing smart strategies to lower your running costs can significantly make an impact.

Ways you can reduce your running costs. 

  1. Regular maintenance – Properly maintained vehicles can be more fuel-efficient, experiencing fewer breakdowns. Keeping up with regular servicing checking the engine oils, air filters and spark plugs can contribute to extending a vehicles life span. Following your cars regular service schedule is essential to keeping it well maintained.
  2. Fuel Efficiency – Fuels costs will make a significant impact to your running costs. Try to avoid harsh acceleration, excessive breaking and reduce your idling time to optimize your fuel consumption.
  3. Insurance – When looking to insure your vehicle it is best to shop around and compare quotes that you find. Before purchasing a vehicle it is important to check the insurance group number, the lower the number the cheaper the insurance.
  4. Tyre Checks – Regularly check your tyre pressure, if they are underinflated this will increase fuel consumption. Rotating and aligning your tyres will extend the lifespan as well as saving money on replacements.
  5. Alternative Transportation Methods – Exploring alternative transport will reduce your vehicle usage as well as costs. Sharing rides with co-workers and friends when possible will help with this. As well as utilizing public transportation and cycling whenever feasible.

By implementing these cost-saving strategies, you can effectively reduce your running costs while maintaining its performance and safety.

Would it be cost-effective to change to an EV?

Due to EV being newer models than petrol or diesel, they do not currently have any road tax charges and will be exempt from congestion charges. They also require less maintenance due to less moving parts. However, they still need to be serviced regularly. Overall, annual tax, maintenance and charging costs on an EV can work out cheaper in the long run. According to Direct Line the annual saving on an EV is £106 with an annual costs on average as £3,752, compared to a petrol car which is £3,858 a year.

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