Hybrid Cars: These Are The Top Five Advantages For Drivers

Hybrid cars are often overlooked due to the rise of fully-electric vehicles. But they have a number of advantages and can ease motorists into the change…

1) Higher Resale Prices

Thanks to ever rising diesel and petrol costs, the demand for hybrid cars is increasing; even when the rest of the market contracts. Their resale values are therefore, for the most part, higher. This is good news when it comes to moving on to your next vehicle.

2) No Range-Anxiety

Unlike electric cars, hybrids run on either diesel and petrol; in addition to electricity. This means, should you run out of charge, you can still depend on a conventional engine. As a result, it doesn’t matter if you can’t find a charging point; you’ll just carry on as if you were in a regular car. Hybrids, then, are incredibly versatile and can take you down the road or Land’s End just fine.

3) Greener Driving

Hybrids are capable of being zero-emission if the model can run exclusively on its battery; many hybrids can and, in most cases, do manage anywhere between 20 and 30 miles on a full charge. Even when their electric capabilities are used modestly, emissions are reduced. In addition, every time you use the brake in a hybrid vehicle you’re slightly charging the battery up. This is thanks to a mechanism that captures the energy released during the braking process. This makes the vehicle ‘greener’ and reduces charging times later down the line.

4) Perfect For Commuting

The average commute in the UK is around 30 miles; which means a hybrid driver can make an enormous amount of savings when it comes to their regular journeys. How? By simply relying on their electric batteries for their journey to, and from, work. Most of us use our cars to get to work, visit shops or see friends. These are typically short journeys and are perfect for hybrids. What this means is that a hybrid driver can actually benefit from many of the savings drivers of fully electrics make.

5) Plenty To Choose From 

The range of fully electric models is increasing but, for time time being, remains somewhat limited. These also tend to be significantly more expensive than those that use a combustion engine. Hybrids, however, have been around for a lot longer. As a result, drivers have much more to choose from and a more likely to find something that suits their driving and lifestyles. This is also welcome news for business drivers or people who rely on their vehicle for work.

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