Hybrid Cars Up To ‘Eight Times’ More Polluting Than Advertised

Hybrid cars are up to ‘eight times’ more polluting than advertised, according to new research. The discovery follows the government’s decision to ban the sale of new hybrids in 2035…

Hybrid Cars More Polluting Than Advertised 

Hybrid cars are emitting significantly more carbon dioxide than advertised, according to new research. Conducted by European body Transport & Environment, it revealed that three of the most popular plug-in hybrids all emitted more than was claimed by their manufacturers. The discovery comes just days after the government’s announcement that the sale of new hybrids would be banned in 2035; whilst the sale of new diesels and petrols will be banned in 2030.

When running on a full charge, the Mitsubishi Outlander, Volvo XC60 and BMW X5 all emitted between 28-89% more carbon dioxide than was specified in advertising. These figures are worse when they’re running on an empty battery; with some of the hybrid cars reaching eight times the advertising figures. Based on its research, Transport and Environment has called on governments to end subsidies for hybrid cars. It claimed that financial incentives were, in effect, creating another emissions scandal.

‘Fake Electric Cars’ 

Julia Poliscanova, senior director for clean vehicles at the organisation, didn’t mince her words when commenting on the results. She said, “plug-in hybrids are fake electric cars, built for lab tests and tax breaks, not real driving”. She added, “our tests show that even in optimal conditions, with a full battery, the cars pollute more than advertised. Unless you drive them softly, carbon emissions can go off the charts. Governments should stop subsidising these cars with billions in taxpayers’ money”.

However, automakers has continued to insist that hybrid cars have a positive contribution to make to the environment. A spokesperson for Volvo said “all Volvo cars are certified and fully comply with existing emissions legislation. The existing emissions testing regime provides a useful industry standard that allows customers to make comparisons between cars, but real-world variations will apply”. They continued, “plug-in hybrids have zero, or close to zero, tailpipe emissions when driven in pure electric mode and our customer field data shows that Volvo plug-in hybrids are driven in pure electric mode on an average of 40 per cent of the time, making them a crucial step in our path to full electrification”. Similar sentiments were also expressed by Mitsubishi.

It remains to be seen what effect a delayed ban on hybrid cars will have. But, given the pace of progress in electric vehicles, it’s difficult to imagine that many people will be opting for them in 2035. Only time will tell what role hybrids play in the future though…

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