Summer Driving: Five Ways To Keep Yourself Cool

Driving in excessive heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. It can affect your concentration and reaction times. Here’s five ways you can keep yourself cool on Britain’s roads this summer…

Air Conditioning

Keeping your car cool is important in fighting off drowsiness; this is especially important on long, monotonous journeys. Whilst driving at lower speeds, it makes more sense to lower your windows and use your air conditioning sparingly. It’s important you do both in conjunction, as the warm air outside can leave the interior of the vehicle scorching. A raised window will let out warm air, as it rises.

When driving at speed, keep your windows closed and your air con on at a higher setting; lowering windows at speed will lead to air-resistance and increased fuel costs.


Human anatomy is surprisingly good at regulating body temperature. Thanks to perspiration we can, unlike our canine friends, keep cool when it’s hot. But the process uses up water, so it’s crucial you remain hydrated whilst behind the wheel. Even if you’re using a robust air-con system, you can still quickly dehydrate.

Drink a good amount of water before setting off on a journey and always keep a few bottles available in the car itself. Just remember to keep bottles away from direct sunlight, so the water remains cool and the plastic doesn’t react to the heat.

Use Sunglasses

Ok, so sunglasses aren’t necessarily going to keep you cool (although they may make you look cooler). However, they are important when driving in the summer. Glare can be a major problem for drivers, even a few seconds’ worth can prove highly dangerous when driving at speed or in a busy area. Opt for a pair with good glare-resistance and keep them ready in your vehicle. You’re most at risk of glare in the mid-morning and during evening sun.

Plan Your Journey

You can’t always plan your journeys. Commuters, for instance, are pretty much forced to travel at particular times. But if you can employ a bit of flexibility, plan your journeys in order to avoid excessive heat.

Travelling early in the morning or later in the evening means avoiding peak temperatures. In addition, travelling at off-peak times means you’re less likely to end up stuck in traffic. It’s getting stuck in congestion that exposes you to direct sunlight and makes it difficult to keep cool. Do your best to avoid it and keep moving.

Dress Appropriately

It sounds obvious, but British weather is so notorious precisely because it’s so unpredictable. You don’t want to be wearing a jumper and jeans when temperatures exceed 30 degrees. Check weather reports before setting out on journeys and make sure you’re not wearing anything likely to retain heat during summer.

If the forecasts prove incorrect, it’s easy to get warm by throwing on a jacket. It’s much harder, however, to get cool if you’re overdressed.

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