Kerbed Alloys Cost Motorists £890 Million A Year In Repairs

New research, conducted by Skoda, has revealed how much money Brits fork out on repairs for their kerbed alloys….

Kerbed Alloys 

Skoda has shed light on the cost of Britain’s kerbed alloys. A survey of 2,000 drivers discovered that a third of them have cars with damaged wheels. As well as being an eyesore, these can also pose safety hazards. Crucially, most of the damage is completely avoidable – 56% of drivers with damaged alloys admitted that they’d been kerbed.

The fact that cars are getting bigger and wider, often with lower-profiles, is also making the problem worse. According to Skoda’s figures, there may be around 13.1 kerbed alloy wheels in the country. Given that the average cost of repairing one is £67.50, the total cost of fixing them would sit at a staggering £890 million. Interestingly enough, most Brits are reluctant to take the blame – with 83% of us blaming another member of our households.

In-Car Tech May Help 

Parking seems to be the main contributor to kerbed alloys. According to Skoda’s survey, only a third of us consider ourselves to be ‘very confident’ when it comes to parking our vehicles. A paltry 18% of drivers said they preferred parallel parking over alternative methods.

Nevertheless, the advent of increasingly capable in-car technologies may put an end to kerbed wheels. An increasing number of models come with built-in parking assist features – taking care of the manoeuvres for us altogether. Skoda’s own Park Assist 3.0, for instance, can steer a vehicle into a space independently of a driver.

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