Land Rover Buyers Asked Not To Sell Privately

Land Rover’s customers are allegedly being asked not to sell their vehicles outside of the company’s network of dealers…

Land Rover Customers Faced with New Clause

Customers of Jaguar Land Rover are allegedly being asked to waiver their right to sell their vehicles privately, during the first six months of ownership; meaning that they could only sell within the brand’s established network of dealers. A number of customers who purchased Defenders have stated that they were presented with a document detailing the arrangement; which apparently stated that delivery was dependent upon whether they’d sign it or not.

According to Auto Express, the affected customers received the document from Land Rover’s head office. It appears that the company issues the document when it suspects that a customer is potentially from the motor trade itself – something which is, naturally, difficult to substantiate for any retailer.

But is it Actually Legal?

Is what Land Rover is, allegedly, doing legal? A spokesman for the Motor Ombudsman has said “the legality of applying such a condition would depend on whether the business is able to prove that these restrictive covenants are reasonable, are necessary to protect legitimate business interests, and are no longer than necessary”.

They continued, “the Consumer Rights Act 2015 has provisions about unfair or onerous terms of contract, so the customer would likely be able to refuse this restriction”.

A statement issued by Land Rover itself seems to suggest that the documents aren’t issued by the company’s head office at all. It read, “our retail partners work hard to ensure all customers are treated fairly and with honesty. It is not on our instruction or guidance that any agreements are made with customers relating to the onward sale of their vehicle, nor do we endorse it”.

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