Learner Drivers Face Six Month Wait For Lessons Due To Covid

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, learner drivers face waits up to six months before they can begin taking driving lessons…

Long Waits for Learner Drivers 

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, an enormous backlog of learner drivers waiting for lessons has developed. This has left some learners facing six month-long waits before they can start taking lessons. A survey of 150 instructors, conducted by Young Driver, has confirmed the industry-wide delays.

As of now, a paltry 3% of driving instructors are able to take on new pupils straight away. Some 68% said they need to wait in excess of two months. Furthermore, 6% said they have waiting lists stretching over half a year. In addition, 69% of the surveyed instructors said that they were only able to offer one lesson a fortnight. Finally, 37% admitted that some of their pupils had, at least temporarily, given up on learning to drive as a result of the delays.


Sue Waterfield, head of marketing at Young Driver, commented on the delays. She said, “the delays in the system are very frustrating for teenagers who want to learn to drive and it’s disheartening to hear many are having to put their dream of learning to drive on hold”.

For many people, being able to drive is a gateway to host of opportunities; whether it’s in terms of accessing vital public services or securing employment. A six month delay, then, can be a major setback. If learner drivers are lucky enough to have an eligible friend or family member able to teach them, they should definitely make use of them in the meantime. It might also be worth getting the Theory Test sorted as soon as possible. Delays needn’t stop the learning process completely for everyone.

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