Lockdown 2.0: Will There Be Another MOT Extension?

Boris Johnson has announced that England will enter a second national lockdown on Thursday. But will motorists receive another MOT extension? 

Will There Be Another MOT Extension? 

On Saturday, Boris Johnson announced that England will once again enter a national lockdown; at least until December 2nd. Naturally, many motorists are wondering whether there will be another MOT extension, as there was with the previous lockdown. As of yet, the government has yet to confirm whether an extension will be implemented. Earlier in the year, cars, motorcycles and light vans that were due an MOT between March 30th and July 31st were granted a six-month extension. As a result, the DVLA anticipated a rush of tests in September, October and November.

So far, the government has made no particular references to drivers or MOT tests. Motorists are simply advised to ‘avoid travelling in or out of your local area, and you should look to reduce the number of journeys you make’. Joel Combes, director of Lawgistics, told Car Dealer Magazine “as far as we can assume, the rules are likely to be the same as the first lockdown”. He added, “garages are essential businesses and the rules state that essential businesses can stay open. We are assuming that the rules will be the same as those earlier in the year”.

What’s Happening To Garages? 

Garages are classified as offering ‘essential services’, meaning that they can remain open over the course of the second national lockdown. Even if an MOT extension isn’t made, many are advising motorists to book their test sooner rather than later. There still exists a significant backlog from the first lockdown, and some drivers can struggle to find a slot; especially in a convenient area.

Whilst garages are allowed to remain open, it’s likely that many will choose to close their doors voluntarily. This is because car dealerships aren’t classified as offering essential services. As a result, it’s likely that a significant number of them will close their servicing departments. In the meantime, it’s anyone’s guess whether an MOT extension will be granted, when such an extension would expire or precisely how long the second lockdown will last. The Autoserve Club will report on the developing situation as it unfolds.

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