Lockdown: Drivers Warned That Their Car Batteries Could Be Flat

Drivers who haven’t regularly taken to the roads since lockdown measures were introduced could face the prospect of flat car batteries, the RAC has warned.

Car Batteries: Off To A Flat Start 

No one knows how long the UK will be in lockdown for. At present, there are few signs that it’ll be any time soon. As a consequence, the RAC has warned motorists that they face the prospect of a flat car battery the next time they take to the wheel. The motoring organisation has said that two weeks of not being used is sufficient for a car battery to run out of charge. If this happens, the battery will need to be jumped or a breakdown company will need to be contacted. Department for Transport (DfT) figures show that road traffic has fallen by a whopping two-thirds in the last three weeks; suggesting that millions of vehicles aren’t being regularly used.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams explained the situation. He said, “many people will find their cars have flat batteries as a result of them being left idle for two weeks. This is an unfortunate consequence of the ‘stay at home’ advice and something we’re dealing with on a daily basis”. He added that starting a car occasionally “isn’t likely to help”. This is because it doesn’t provide a battery with enough time to charge. In fact, this can actually drain car batteries further.

Steps Drivers Can Take 

The RAC has offered its own advice to drivers in avoiding flat car batteries. Households with multiple vehicles should alternate between them when making journeys; ensuring that their batteries are regularly receiving some charge. Trickle chargers can also be used to top up batteries when cars aren’t being used. Mr Williams added, “if your car doesn’t start after a period of not being used and it’s needed for an essential journey, please call us. We’re still attending customers, whether that’s people doing their food shopping or going to work because they have to, or emergency service vehicles, delivery lorries and other critical service vehicles”.

It’s easy to forget about everyday staples in times such as this. But, sooner or later, lockdown measures will begin to be relaxed and motorists will once again find themselves commuting to work. Getting into your car only to discover its battery has run flat is no way to resume your working routine. Keep an eye on your car battery’s charge and invest in a slow charger to avoid the stress and hassle of having to manually jump start one; or waiting around for a breakdown company to respond.

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