London Congestion Charge: Plug-In Hybrids No Longer Exempt

Plug-in hybrids have ceased to be exempt from the London Congestion Charge, as eligibility becomes increasingly strict…

Plug-In Hybrids to Face Congestion Charge

If you happen to drive a plug-in hybrid, we’ve got some bad news – you’re no longer exempt from the London Congestion Charge. The vehicles will now face the daily £15 charge when entering central London. In the past, PHEVs emitting less than 75g/km CO2 were eligible for a 100% ‘cleaner vehicle discount’. However, since October 25th only those emitting 0g/km CO2 qualify for the discount.

In effect, the changes limit the discount to BEVs and hydrogen-powered models. This remains the case even if PHEVs are driven exclusively on electric power when travelling in areas that fall under the Congestion Charge. From December 2025, the discount will be scrapped completely for all vehicles; regardless of how clean they are.

Getting Tough on Air Pollution 

The tougher criteria in London comes as local authorities desperately work to reduce local air pollution; which is linked to chronic health problems and reduced life expectancy. General environmental targets, designed to ward off the effects of the Climate Crisis, have also played a part in tougher rules, too.

Many drivers in London have opted for PHEV models in order to escape the Congestion Charge. Many taxi drivers, or drivers associated with ride hailing apps, have also chosen to use them. The new rules, then, are bound to attract the ire and frustration of many local motorists and businesses – many of whom believed that, by purchasing a PHEV, they were doing their bit.

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