Lost Your Driving Licence? Here’s What You Need To Do…

People lose their phyiscal driving licences all of the time, but it’s crucial that you quickly get a replacement if yours goes missing…

Lost Driving Licences 

It’s easy to lose driving licences, as most of us travel everywhere with them; whether they’re in wallets, purses or anything else. Fortunately, replacing them isn’t particularly complicated (or expensive). You can apply for a new one online, although a replacement will cost you £20. It might also be important to get a replacement if your licence has been damaged or if you suspect that someone’s stolen it; if you suspect the latter, make sure to contact the police.

Previously, a paper-based driving licence was allocated alongside plastic cards. These were discontinued back in 2015, so you won’t be issued with a new one. They no longer have any legal standing.

To apply for a new licence, visit this website. You’ll be asked for your National Insurance number, passport number and your driving licence number. In addition, you’ll need to be a resident of Great Britain (i.e. not Northern Ireland), and be able to provide your addresses over the last three years.

Other Details 

The DVLA will use your passport photo if your licence is due to expire over the next two years, you have given permission for them to do so and you have a valid passport. If you don’t have an appropriate digital photo, you’ll be sent a form explaining what to do.

Overall, you’ll be asked for…

1) Telephone number, birth surname, mother’s maiden name, place of birth

2) National Insurance number

3) Passport number

4) Name, address, date of birth and country of birth

5) How long you have lived at your current address

6) Driver number

Should your lost driving licence turn up, you’ll need to send this back to the DVLA. Finally, if you’re a resident of Northern Ireland, you’ll need to go through a different process – this is explained here.

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