Majority of Brits Intimidated By Speeding Friends and Family

Research has shed light on just how many passengers feel uncomfortable with the speeding habits of friends and family. It suggests that they have a large role to play in tackling dangerous driving…

Uncomfortable Speeds 

A new survey conducted by YouGov has revealed that a majority of passengers take issue with the speeding habits of friends and family. Of 524 respondents, 61% admitted to feeling uncomfortable at times. Despite this, only 29% of them would actually ask the driver to reduce their speed; meaning offenders are possibly unaware of just how unpleasant their behaviour on the road can be. Stuart Reid, Transport for London’s (TfL) director of the Vision Zero campaign, fears speeding has become socially acceptable. He said, “it seems that driving at an unsafe speed has now sadly become socially acceptable; and many people simply don’t think of it as a risk”. He stressed the importance of passengers speaking out when feeling uncomfortable, “I would urge drivers to slow down and also encourage people who feel uncomfortable with the speed they’re being driven at to speak up”.

In London alone 103 people have died in 2019 as a result of car accidents. Analysis conducted by TfL suggests that excessive speed is a factor in more than 30% of all collisions. More specifically, it accounts for 37% of deaths and serious injuries caused by them. According to the RAC’s Motoring Report 44% of drivers speed in 30 mph areas on a regular basis.

Broaching The Subject 

It’s a tad curious that YouGov’s survey focused on the speeding habits of friends and family specifically; rather than, say, work colleagues or taxi services. One would expect that broaching the subject with the people closest to us would be easier and more accessible than with strangers or mere acquaintances. Regardless, you should never have to tolerate speeding as it puts you and other road-users at risk, not just the driver. If the speeding is slight and infrequent, it’s perhaps best to raise your concerns gently and whilst away from the car. However, if the speeding is excessive and immediately dangerous, you have every right to raise your concerns then and there. If you’re sincerely concerned, friends and family should respect your concerns and act accordingly. Should your complaints fall on deaf ears, and the behaviour persists, you’re probably better off getting the bus!

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