Millions Of British Motorists Are Driving On Bald Tyres

Around four million British motorists are taking to the roads in cars that have bald tyres, according to new research; putting themselves, and other road-users, at significant risk…

Risking Their Licenses

New research, conducted by Halfords, has revealed that potentially millions of British drivers are driving on bald tyres. It surveyed 2,000 drivers and found that 13% were knowingly driving below the legal tread depth; that’s the equivalent of four million of us. Two-thirds of the respondents suggested that they didn’t understand rules and regulations concerning worn tyres. Shockingly, 65% weren’t aware of what the legal minimum tread depth is. If caught with a tyre that’s below the legal tread depth of 1.6mm, drivers can receive fines of up to £2,500 and three penalty points. However, these penalties apply to each tyre. Meaning that if a driver is caught with multiple bald tyres, they could be disqualified from driving on the spot. Despite all this, tyres begin to lose performance once they wear down below 3mm.

Martin Barber, Halfords Autocentres tyre expert, was surprised by the researches’ findings. He said, “we were surprised to find that so many Brits are driving with tyres below the legal tread depth – tread depth can reduce braking and steering ability especially in unpredictable weather and wet driving conditions”.

Regular Tyre Checks Are Vital 

As be begin to get closer to winter, and poorer weather, it’s even more important to check whether our tyres are up to the job or not. A simple measure can be taken to ensure you have a legal tread depth. Simply take a twenty pence coin and place it between one of the grooves of the tyre. If the bottom band remains visible, you’re not legal. Whilst front tyres tend to wear the fastest, it’s important that you inspect all of them; even having just one that isn’t legal can land you in trouble. Consult your driver’s manual for the correct air pressures and ensure each tyre is properly inflated; either too much or too little can be dangerous.

There’s considerable debate surrounding used tyres and whether they’re safe. Investigations has revealed that hundreds of dealers are failing to observe safety guidelines. If a tyre is ‘used’ it means, ultimately, someone considered it unsuitable for their vehicle. So, why should it be good enough for you? Don’t scrimp on your tyres, they’re the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road; so look after them and keep safe.

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