Mini Electric Drivers Can Get 5,000 Miles Of Free Charging

If you were thinking of getting a Mini Electric now might be the time. Mini is partnering up with  green electricity supplier Ovo Energy to offer customers 5,000 miles of free charging…

5,000 Miles On Mini

According to Mini’s boss, David George, the Mini Electric “will be a tipping point for the adoption of electric cars in this country”. That is to say, the car will go some way in making electric motoring mainstream. So far, reviews of the car have been positive. Many critics have praised the car’s responsiveness, charm and build quality. They have, however, been a tad critical its range. This sits at 144 miles by WLTP standards. But the manufacturer is attempting to address this by pairing up with green energy supplier Ovo Energy. Together, they’ll be offering Mini Electric drivers 5,000 miles’ worth of free charging. Available to customers who opt for the ‘EV Everywhere’ package, the energy is 100% renewable.

The free miles are derived from an £11 discount on the owner’s monthly electricity bill over the course of a year. In real terms, that’s 5,000 free miles for drivers who charge up on the off-peak Economy 7 rate. For the regular single-rate tariff, it’s equal to around 3,300 free miles. If that’s not enough to win you over, the deal also includes a deal that includes free membership of Polar Plus; that’s BP Chargemaster’s nationwide EV charging network. George said “our Mini Electric customers have already taken a big step in lowering their carbon emissions”. He added, “we’re pleased now to recommend this exclusive offer with Ovo Energy, for those drivers who want to reduce their footprint even further”.

Going Mainstream?

A number of legacy automakers are rolling out flagship models that, they claim, will render electric motoring mainstream. For Mini, it’s the Mini Electric. For Volkswagen, it’s the likes of the ID.3. Whilst these cars aren’t entry-level, they’re certainly cheaper than what’s previously been on offer. They also offer more functional ranges. However, there exist few incentives in the UK for electric cars. Currently, there’s just the plug-in car grant which deducts £3,500 from select models. However, this has already been scaled down and its future is uncertain. Automakers, then, are doing their best to sweeten the EV deal by offering their own incentives. Free power, or the rollout of charging infrastructure, are just some of the attempts.

It’ll be interesting to see how models like the Mini Electric perform. Whilst Mini clearly expects it to be a hit, there’s a difference between profitability and going ‘mainstream’. Either way, we’re certainly now being presented with increasingly viable means of going electric.

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