Most Drivers Don’t Know How To Safely Transport Their Dogs

New research has revealed that more than half of British drivers don’t know how to safely travel with their dogs whilst on the road…

Dogs in Danger? 

The coronavirus pandemic, and the lockdowns it produced, have caused pet ownership in the UK to skyrocket; with more and more of us opting to get a furry companion. A survey of drivers conducted by Halfords revealed that a third of them had purchased a dog in the last eighteen months. With travel restrictions still in place, many of us are also opting to go on so-called ‘staycations’. More than half of us (52%) intend to take our pets with them this summer, too.

Unfortunately, however, just 43% of drivers believe they ‘completely understand’ how to travel safely with their dogs. In addition, 20% admitted that they didn’t think their canine companions would be fully protected in the event of a crash. Out of 1,000 drivers surveyed by Halfords, a considerable 79% said they don’t always strap their dogs in whilst on the move. One in ten also said they drove with their dogs on their laps.

Keeping Them Safe 

In response to the research, Halfords has trained 1,500 members of staff to offer advice in how drivers should travel with their pets. It’s also appointed what it calls a ‘Bark and Ride’ specialist.

Emily Hussey, the new Bark and Ride ambassador, has offered her own advice on how drivers can properly secure their pets whilst out on the road. She’s suggested that pets are properly strapped in; with a dedicated harness or travel crate. In addition, she’s emphasised the importance of keeping pets properly cool and hydrated; with proper use of air conditioning and regular access to drinking water. Finally, she suggested that drivers consider getting a roof box. These can free up space in the interior of the vehicle and give pets more space.

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