Most Drivers Want Solo Test Drives To Continue As Restrictions Are Eased

A majority of British drivers want to see solo test drives continue after Covid restrictions are relaxed, according to new research…

Drivers Want Solo Test Drives 

A third of drivers in the UK want solo test drives to continue after Covid restrictions are relaxed. Solo tests became popular during the coronavirus pandemic, when it wasn’t possible to socially distance from salespeople. Nevertheless, as restrictions are being eased most motorists want the solo test drives to continue; ultimately so that they can focus on the car and not the salesperson.

Younger drivers, aged 18 – 24, are the most likely to favour the solo model. But, in general, most drivers like being able to take longer drives without interfering with a salesperson’s (often busy) routine. Overall, two in three drivers think an ideal test drive lasts between 15 minutes and two hours. One in five, however, want to take a car for a spin for longer than two hours before making a decision.

Tracking Technology 

Being able to offer solo test drivers is, most likely, in the interests of most dealerships. Customers get what they want and members of their sales teams are free to focus on other responsibilities. But there are, of course, security risks. Letting a stranger drive away in a company asset entails obvious risks.

This is why vehicle tracking systems may become much more important for the industry in the future. Vince Powell, Managing Director at AX Innovation, commented on the situation. He said, “driving an unfamiliar car requires an extra level of concentration, particularly when you are trying to determine whether or not the car is right for you, and many buyers clearly don’t welcome the distraction of a salesperson”.

Powell continued, “however, it’s perfectly understandable for dealerships to have concerns that some customers may mistreat vehicles without the supervision of a salesperson. This is where telematics devices play an important role, deterring customers from driving vehicles inappropriately”.

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