Most Motorists Feel ‘Unaffected’ By Diesel And Petrol Ban

The government recently announced that it’d be banning the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2035. Since then, it’s suggested that it may even consider 2032. Most motorists, however, aren’t concerned…

‘Won’t Affect Car-Buying Decisions’ 

The car industry is has expressed its dismay at the government’s decision to impose a diesel and petrol ban by 2035; even more so that it’s considering bringing it forward to 2032. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has expressed considerable concern and Ford Europe’s boss has called it ‘hugely ambitious’. Motorists themselves, however, don’t seem to be fazed. A poll conducted by Carwow has shown that just shy of three in five of them (58%) don’t believe it’ll affect their car-buying decisions. In addition, only 28% said the ban made them more likely to consider purchasing an electric car.

Benjamin Hunt, an analyst with Carwow, wasn’t surprised by the poll’s results; emphasising that the average lifespan of a car is around 13 years. He said, “one is unlikely to consider purchasing an EV or hybrid vehicle based purely on the government’s announcement alone, purely as the financial impact 15 years away from the rules coming into effect are still so insignificant”. He added, “if looking to invest in a new vehicle, consumers shouldn’t necessarily ignore petrol, diesel or hybrid. The simple reality is that electric isn’t quite right for every motorists’ needs just yet and, despite the bad press given, traditional cars are showing increasing levels of efficiency”.

‘No Immediate Worry’ 

Hunt concluded that motorists had little to worry about, saying “on balance, while consumer demand is naturally moving away from diesel and, to a lesser extent, petrol vehicles, in reality there is little for the immediate consumer to worry about”. He’s probably right. The primary challenges lie with national and local government, as well as car manufacturers. It’s up to the former to incentivise zero-emission cars and to invest in an appropriate amount of charging infrastructure. Manufacturers need to work on producing affordable EVs and investing in marketing and awareness. It’s one thing for the government to pledge to a 2035 / 32 ban, another thing entirely to actually make it realisable.

So, enjoy your combustion engines for now (if you want). Their days are numbered, but just how numbered remains to be seen. That very much depends on the industry and car manufacturers; consumer spending power and behaviour can only go so far. No one wants to, or even can, purchase a car that doesn’t work for their needs.

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