Motoring Costs: A Few Simple Ways You Can Save Money

2020 hasn’t been kind on many people’s budgets. Given that driving can be so expensive, it’s a good place to start when making a saving. Here’s how to reduce your motoring costs…

Ditch The Premium Fuel

There’s no real evidence that ‘premium’ fuel provides 1) better fuel or economy or 2) clears your engine of gunk. Moreover, there’s only anecdotal evidence that sports cars and the like experience any benefit either. The only certainty is that you’ll be paying out more. So give it a miss and stick to the standard option – it’s fine, we promise.

Unload Your Car

The heavier your car is, the more the engine will have to labour; that means guzzling more fuel. So, it makes sense (if you want to reduce motoring costs) to keep your car light. Remove anything that doesn’t need to be in, or on, your car. That includes bike racks, tools and sports equipment.

Learn To (Safely) Hypermile

Hypermiling is the art of learning driving techniques geared towards saving fuel. It includes the likes of ensuring you’ve got the right tyre pressures, keeping windows up to prevent drag and leaving the air conditioning off. It also means avoiding unnecessary braking (by driving steadily and smoothly) and needless acceleration.

Don’t Be A Car Insurance Loyalist 

There’s no benefit to staying with the same car insurance provider indefinitely. Far from rewarding drivers, they’ve traditionally increased the premiums of idle customers. Whenever your insurance is approaching the point of renewal, make sure to shop around if you want to keep your motoring costs down.

Do The Washing Yourself 

It makes sense to clean your car. A thorough wash will protect the paint and bodywork, not to mention keep things looking new. Nevertheless, the cost of having someone wash your car (or using a car wash) adds up. You can save a small fortune by simply opting to wash your car yourself. A thorough clean shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

Make Sure To Appeal Parking Tickets

Some parking tickets are justified, others aren’t. New government guidelines are clamping down on over-zealous and unfair private parking firms. So there’s never been a better time to fight back. If you know you’re in the right, or arrived a couple of minutes after a stay expired, contest the ticket. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Don’t Drive On The Kerb 

Driving on the kerb, or kerbing, is a sure way to damage your cars tyres. It’ll eventually cause sidewall damage which, in the long-term, can lead to a puncture. Because this is classed as negligent driving, and not fair wear and tear, most maintenance companies won’t cover it for you either. Be careful when you’re parking at the kerbside.

Service, Maintenance And Repair 

When it comes to a car’s maintenance, all drivers have a choice. They can fork out a small, steady amount of money or fork out hefty sums in one go. Regular trips to the garage will prevent major and costly faults from emerging. Some maintenance checks can be carried out by drivers themselves, too. Keep an eye on your car’s tyres, fluid levels and battery. They’re often the focal point of common faults.

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