Motoring Costs: These Are The Best Ways To Save Money

In the grip of a cost-of-living crisis, motoring costs can be eye-watering. Here’s a few decisive ways you can save money…

Work from Home

Commuting can be expensive business for drivers, especially if they don’t live local to where they work. Fuel prices, despite coming down, are still considerably higher than where many observers believe they should be. In which case, if you can, it’s worth exploring whether your employer will let you work from home. Even if it’s just for a few days a week, it’ll bring down your fuel spend and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, too.

Drive like your Grandparents

Older drivers are, despite all manner of misconceptions, the safest demographic on the road network. They have far fewer accidents or collisions than any other group. Whether this is simply due to experience or generational differences, the result is the same; they’re better drivers. As a group, they aren’t speeding, needlessly accelerating or braking late. They’re driving in a way that’s good for fuel economy and getting the most life out of their car’s systems. Follow their example.

Schedule Servicing and Maintenance

Trips to the garage can be expensive, but it’s better to pay out on smaller problems than larger ones. Ensure that you keep on top of your car’s servicing and maintenance, it’ll expose problems before they become serious and keep everything working as it should.

Shop Around (in General)

Whether it’s a question of car insurance providers or garages, drivers should always shop around. There’s nearly always a better, and a cheaper, option waiting to be discovered. The same goes for petrol stations. It’s always worth taking your time and assessing your options if you want to reduce your motoring costs.

Consider the Alternatives 

Cars are a versatile and effective means of travel, but they’re not the only option. Sometimes, walking, cycling or using public transport might make more sense. In addition, post-pandemic, all sorts of meetings and engagements can be conducted online. Always consider whether you actually need to get behind the wheel before doing so.

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