Motoring: Ten Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

No matter how often you drive, or where to, it makes sense to be prepared for anything. Here’s ten things you should always keep in your car…


If you breakdown during the evening, your visibility is going to be seriously reduced (with or without street lighting). The situation can be even worse if you happen to come to a stop somewhere rural or isolated. Having a torch inside your car, then, can help you work out where you are, what your car’s fault might be and prevent you from getting lost or injured.

First Aid Kit

This might seem excessive, but no one thinks they’ll need first aid until…They need first aid. Comprehensive kits are practical and affordable. They’re useful in the event of minor injuries, regardless of whether they occur in or outside of your vehicle.

Waterproof Clothing

Try to always keep a warm, waterproof coat or jacket in your car. Should you breakdown in cold or wet weather, you’ll be glad you did. In addition, you may sometimes have to leave your vehicle if you’ve become stranded in a dangerous environment (such as a motorway).

Jump Leads

Our ten things list wouldn’t be worth anything if it didn’t mention jump leads. Flat batteries are a major cause of cars failing to start; especially during the winter. If you’re far from a garage, jump leads will be vital in getting your car moving again.

Water And Long-Life Food

No matter where you go, it makes sense to keep some water in your car. Keeping hydrated is vital in maintaining concentration and awareness; even more so during warm weather. The same goes for food; driving on an empty stomach for long periods of time will interfere with your decision-making.

Loose Change

Seriously, keep some loose change in your car. Whilst we may be living in the 21st century, a surprising number of car parks have yet to embrace digitalisation; especially smaller ones. Keeping some spare change keeps your parking options open. You also don’t want to approach a toll booth only to discover you have no money on you.

Portable Air Compressor 

You don’t always need a spare tyre in your car. If you’re often driving in built-up areas, a portable air compressor will do. They’ll help you top up tyres suffering from slow punctures – giving you time to reach a garage.


Britain isn’t the sunniest of places, let’s face it. Nevertheless, it makes sense to keep some sunglasses in your car; especially during the summer months. Even during winter, when the sun is lower in the sky, they can help you maintain a clear view of the road.

A – Z Map

We were tempted to include a sat nav or mobile phone in our ten things list. However, who seriously doesn’t have one or the other nowadays? The point is, sat navs can fail and phones can go flat. A physical map, however, will never let you down. They’re easy enough to use (we promise).

A Shovel

Yes, a shovel. Even a small one. Should you end up getting stuck in mud, ice or debris, a shovel can make the difference in getting free or not. Secure one and put it in your boot, you never know when it could come in handy.

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