Motorists Are Being Warned Of Obscured Road Signs

Motorists are being warned to pay extra care in not missing road signs. Many have become obscured by vegetation that’s overgrown due to recent rainfall…

Obscured Road Signs

Signs aren’t particularly informative when they can’t be seen. Unfortunately, given the rainfall the UK has recently seen, many have become obscured by rapidly growing vegetation. With many local authorities being stretched by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s unlikely that they’ll be cleared anytime soon. Whilst some obscured signs may be an inconvenience, others can be misleading and even dangerous. Neil Worth, GEM Motoring Assist chief executive, said “then your ability to make safe decisions is compromised, especially if you’re on unfamiliar roads”. Given that many Brits are planning ‘staycations’ this year, as opposed to travelling abroad, this could present an even larger problem than usual; especially as it’s not just local roads that are compromised. A 2019 survey revealed that one in three drivers had missed a motorway exist due to an obscured road sign.

Reporting Road Signs

Mr Worth has advised drivers to report obscured road signs to relevant local authorities. In England and Wales, drivers can use this page to report them. Simply by entering a postcode, they’ll be directed to the correct authority. Drivers in Scotland can do the same via Transport Scotland’s website. On motorways and A roads, drivers can report difficult-to-see signs via TransportFocus’  ‘Sort My Sign’ site. Ultimately, there’s no way a driver can ensure that he or she sees a road sign if it’s obscured by vegetation or anything else. Being vigilant, and aware of the routes they’re taking, however, can help keep them safe. More importantly, it’s crucial that drivers report obscured road signs when they come across them – doing so may seem trivial, but it could spare other drivers from considerable danger and, in some cases, real danger.

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