Motorists Don’t Mind Visiting Garages During The Pandemic

A new survey has revealed that the vast majority of motorists are happy to visit garages for their MOT, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic…

Confident In Visiting Garages

In excess of three-quarters of motorists feel sufficiently confident to visit garages for an MOT, despite the coronavirus pandemic. That’s largely due to extensive safety and distancing measures that have been put into place within the industry. According a survey conducted by The Motor Ombudsman, 81% of motorists are happy to personally visit a garage as a part of their vehicle’s annual inspection. That said, male drivers are more comfortable than their female counterparts; with 85% and 76% of them being comfortable with the idea respectively.

The research was conducted a year after the government’s MOT extension was introduced back at the start of the pandemic. It allowed motorists to postpone their vehicles’ MOTs by six months, providing it was due to expire between March 30th and July 31st 2020. As a result, around 10 million tests were postponed; causing bottlenecks in some parts of the country once the postponement expired.

Drivers Know When Their MOTs Expire 

The Motor Ombudsman survey also revealed that a majority of drivers are aware of when their MOTs expire. Overall, awareness of the deadline stood at an average of 89%; being consistently high in most areas of the country and across most age groups. Just one in ten drivers (11%) were unaware of their MOTs expiration dates.

Bill Fennell, chief ombudsman and managing director of The Motor Ombudsman, commented on the survey’s findings. He said, “with the six-month extension changing the natural rhythm of when people would have traditionally got their MOT done, it is encouraging to see that such an important annual assessment remains at the forefront of people’s minds and a key date in the diary for so many”.

He added, “nevertheless, when our lives do return to some degree of normality in the coming months as lockdown restrictions are lifted, it’s still advisable for motorists to sign up for free MOT reminders and have their car’s documentation readily available to jog their memory if needed, so that they can make a booking ahead of time. The annual test is such a critical part of vehicle maintenance and staying safe and legal when at the wheel, so it really is a date that can’t be left to chance”.

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