Motorists In EVs Drive More Than Those In Petrols And Diesels

If new figures are anything to go by, range-anxiety is increasingly a thing of the past. EV owners drive more than those in petrols and diesels…

EV Motorists Drive More 

Is range-anxiety putting you off from buying an electric vehicle (EV)? It shouldn’t. A new study has revealed that motorists in EVs are actually covering more miles than those in diesels and petrols. Led by Nissan, it discovered that, on average, EVs in Europe are covering 391 miles a year more than those in cars with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

A poll of 7,000 drivers, hailing from the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, France, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands found that ICE drivers cover an average of 8,451 miles a year. That’s compared to the 8,825 miles a year covered by motorists using EVs. Despite this, some 47% of ICE owners claimed that they had an advantage over EVs in terms of overall range. Moreover, 58% of the surveyed drivers actually cited range-anxiety as the main reason they hadn’t purchased an electric car.

Promisingly, 78% of the surveyed drivers in EVs said the range of their vehicles was better than they expected it to be. Additionally, and perhaps to the surprise of some, 68% of them suggested that they were happy with the availability of charging infrastructure.

A Smart Option

Arnaud Charpentier, speaking for Nissan, suggested that EVs represent a ‘smart option’ for motorists. He said, “this research reiterates that electric driving is not only a smart option beneficial to the environment but also a fun, exciting and convenient choice for the owners”. He added, “it is no surprise that people now drive EV further than ICE cars. We are confident that with more EVs on the road dispelling myths, range anxiety will soon be in the past”.

It goes without saying, then, that most drivers who own electric cars are happy with them; and are comfortably covering enough ground to commute and access the services they need. What Nissan may have overlooked, however, is that the situation may become more complicated as more drivers make the transition to electric models; placing more strain on what is, according to most, already inadequate charging infrastructure. In the UK, for instance, a study has found that the UK needs a whopping 120,000 plus chargers by 2025 to meet its net zero targets. In addition, current chargers are heavily concentrated in the south of the country.

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