Motorists Told Not To Stop At Petrol Stations Unless They ‘Really Need To’

Motorists have been warned not to stop at petrol stations unless they ‘really need to’. The warning follows a surge in coronavirus cases across the country…

‘Don’t Stop At Petrol Stations’ 

In light of the second wave of the coronavirus, the government has issued motorists a series of new guidelines. Amongst them is the warning that drivers shouldn’t stop at petrol stations unless ‘they really need to’. In addition, they’re advised to avoid motorway service stations, to socially distance if they do stop and to wash their hands before and after each journey. Also listed in a 34-page document, containing the advice, is a directive not to travel in a car with anyone you don’t live with; or with people outside of your “support bubble”. If people must share a vehicle, it’s suggested that it’s with the same people each time. Moreover, windows should be kept open and occupants are expected to face away from each other.

As well as avoiding petrol stations, drivers have also been told to avoid public transport; especially during peak hours. If they do use it, they must wear a face mask; failure to do so can see a person landed with a £200 fine. The government document does state, however, that “if the police ask to see your face to check who you are, you should take it off”. In addition, users of public transport are advised not to eat or drink on their journeys.

Mixed Messages?

Few people doubt the true severity of the coronavirus; or the precarious situation the country is now in. But a cynic might argue that the advice made available in the government document is impractical or even contradictory. After all, stops at petrol stations are an inevitable part of, well, driving; unless you happen to possess an electric car, although even they may sometimes require the use of public chargers. In addition, whilst drivers are warned about their method of travel the government is being even tougher on public transport.

As always, common sense is arguably our greatest weapon. As more people rely on cars to get around, it’s crucial that they ensure that their vehicles are clean. Moreover, only necessary journeys should be made and, as the document suggests, we should be discerning in who we share our vehicles with. If we do that, we can keep ourselves and other people safe – and hopefully avoid tougher lockdown restrictions.

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