Motorists: Try These Ten ‘Lifehacks’ To Improve Your Driving Experience

It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been driving, there’s always something new for motorists to learn. There are all sorts of simple tips and tricks that can make driving easier, safer and more enjoyable. Here are some of our favourites…

Keep Your Fuel Tank Full

Driving on fumes is never a good idea for motorists. Not only are you inviting the opportunity for getting stranded, it’s also bad for your vehicle in general. For a start, you can cause problems for your car’s catalytic converter; an expensive part to repair or replace. In addition, fuel serves as a natural coolant for fuel-pump motors; without it, it can overheat and wear prematurely.

Keep Your Takeaway Warm

It’s an age-old dilemma, you want takeaway but know it’ll go cold before you can get home. If your car has heated seating, however, the solution is staring you in the face. Simply turn the heating on and leave your food on the seat; just be careful to drive smoothly unless you want curry plastered over the windscreen!

Toothpaste For Your Headlights

Over time, your headlights will become scuffed and cloudy. It’s unlikely this will cause any problems with the lighting, but it does look a bit rough. To clear it, apply a bit of toothpaste to a rag and gently rub the headlights. Toothpaste possesses mild abrasives that can remove thin layers and fill in tiny scratches.

Frozen Doors And Hand Sanitiser

Getting into your car during the thick of winter can be a pretty horrendous experience. From defrosting to scraping ice, it’s cold, tiring and time-consuming. It’s even worse when you can’t even get inside because the door handles have frozen. To get past this, just apply a bit of hand sanitiser. The majority of them contain alcohol that’ll thaw the ice in no time at all.

Get Your Vehicle Unstuck 

There’s not a lot that’s more frustrating for motorists than getting their vehicle stuck, whether it’s in mud, sludge or anything else. It leaves you feeling totally powerless. In an ideal situation, there will be plenty of friendly people around willing to lend a hand. However, if they’re not you need to be able to address the problem yourself. Release some pressure from each tyre and dig some space in front of them. If this doesn’t work, try laying something down in front of them; footwell mats are idea and will provide traction.

Clear Battery Corrosion 

Old or defective car batteries can leak material. This can corrode the surface of the a battery and cause it to die. To remove the corrosion, pore a can of coca-cola over it. The acid will break up the corrosion and clear the battery of debris. Simply use water and a rag to remove the sticky residue afterwards.

Stay Safe On Country Roads 

You’re significantly more likely to find yourself in a car accident on country roads than any others; 2.5 times more likely in some areas. There are all sorts of reasons for this, including poorer road infrastructure, susceptibility to poor weather and less vigilant drivers. Just remember to drive at lower speeds and to avoid distractions even more than you usually would.

Don’t Use Your Car As A Storage Unit

For every 100 pounds of weight you clear in your car, you’ll gain between 1 – 2% on your fuel economy. Why? Because the lighter your car is, the less work there is for your engine. Keep the boot free of anything you don’t need to be hauling around and remove roof and bike racks when not in use.

Manage Your Music

A number of studies have determined that music can have a profound impact on how motorists drive; and even how willing we are to take risks. Heavy, fast beats will cause your blood pressure to rise and your driving behaviour to become more erratic. But it’s not just Rock and Roll you need to worry about. The Royal Automobile Club Foundation has named Richard Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ as the most dangerous driving music.

Dents And Pool Noodles

You know what a ‘pool noodle’ is. They’re those brightly coloured, foam tubes you see in swimming baths. They’re cheap and readily available online. You can easily cut these down the middle and put them up in your garage. When you open your car’s doors, they’ll make contact and avoid any scratches or dents you’d usually face. You can also put them in front of where you park, as to avoid bumper damage.

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