Motorway Myths: Eight Common Misconceptions…

Statistically, there’s no safer place to drive than on a motorway. Despite this, widespread myths and misconceptions can get get motorists into all kinds of trouble. Here are some popular misconceptions…

Highway Agency Officers Can Stop You For Speeding 

Highway Agency Officers drive in vehicles that, on the surface, resemble police cars. For instance, they use a chequered decal design and sit ominously in some refuge and monitoring areas. As a consequence, many drivers will cruise well below 70 mph when they see them. However, these vehicles are manned by traffic officers and they have no powers to penalise drivers for speeding. They simply monitor motorways for problems and can close them when necessary.

You Should Move Over For Joining Vehicles 

You don’t need to move over from the left-hand lane in order to make way for vehicles entering the motorway. After all, you have right of way as you would on any other road. It’s up to joining traffic to drive at a suitable speed, and cautiously, so that they can join without any issues. That said, it’s almost a universal sign of courtesy amongst drivers; as moving over does make it easier to join.

The Hard Shoulder Can Be Used When You’re Ill Or Need The Toilet 

The hard shoulder is, according to the Highway Code, to be used soley for emergencies. Unfortunately, many driver ’emergencies’ don’t quite qualify. Feeling a little sick, or simply needing to answer a call of nature, are not suitable excuses. Neither is needing a nap or a rest. Ultimately, drivers should only use the hard shoulder if they’re facing a major vehicle fault or medical emergency.

If Your Breakdown, You Can Remove Animals From Your Car

If you breakdown on a motorway, the first thing you’re probably going to want to do is exist your vehicle. If you’ve got pets in the car, whether cats, dogs or something else, your concern will probably extend to them as well. However, they should remain in the vehicle. With fast moving traffic and significant noise, pets can easily be spooked. They’d cause pandemonium and danger if they run out into busy traffic. Keep them in the car and await rescue.

Any Vehicle Can Drive In The Right-Hand Lane 

This simply isn’t true. On a three-lane motorway, it’s against the law to drive a heavy goods vehicle with a maximum laden weight of more than 7.5 tonnes in the outside lane. This also applies to caravans and trailers. Those who flout this rule face three points and fines up to £2,500.

The Left-Hand Lane Is The Lorry Lane

A disturbing survey conducted by the AA discovered that nearly one in ten young drivers consider the left-hand lane to be the ‘lorry lane’. In other words, they think it’s for HGVs and slow-moving vehicles. The left-hand is the lane you should be in when not over-taking. It’s that simple.

There’s No National Limit On The Motorway

There absolutely is a national speed limit on the motorway and it sits at 70mph. This isn’t the German autobahn we’re dealing with, after all. Despite this, motorway speed cameras typically stick to the ’10 percent plus 2mph’ rule; that means you’re unlikely to be penalised for driving up to 79mph. That said, you can still be penalised for anything above 70mph; it’s just unlikely.

Smart Motorway Limits Are Just Advisory 

Smart motorways are controversial. What isn’t controversial is the fact that the limits they impose, temporary or otherwise, aren’t advisory. They need to be obeyed like any other and the consequences of disobeying them resemble those on any other part of the road network.

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