Motorway Myths: Separating The Fact From The Fiction

Motorways are some of the safest roads in the country, providing a rapid way of covering significant distances. Unfortunately, a number of stubborn myths still circulate about them…

The Inside Lane is the ‘Lorry Lane’

When you drive on a motorway, you’ll inevitably notice that the inside lane, or the left-hand lane, is full of lorries and HGVs. As a consequence, some drivers imagine that this lane is specifically for them; or that, at the very least, it’s practically for them. This is false, every vehicle should be in the inside lane except for when they’re overtaking.

You Can Stop on the Hard Shoulder If You’re Ill

It may sound harsh, but feeling ill or needing to use the toilet are insufficient reasons for coming to a stop on a hard shoulder. They’re reserved purely for emergencies, such as when your vehicle is experiencing a major fault. If you stop for a medical reason, it’ll need to be a very serious one; feeling under the weather won’t cut it.

Drivers Need to Move Over for Joining Vehicles 

One of the more common motorway myths is the idea that you need to move over for joining vehicles. You don’t. Under the Highway Code, you have priority and right of way. That said, it’s absolutely common courtesy to move over for joining traffic if you’re able to do so safely. After all, you’d expect the same when joining a motorway.

Highway Agency Traffic Officers Can Stop You for Speeding

This myth is probably a product of Highway Agency vehicles looking like police vehicles. Traffic Officers with the agency have no power over speeding drivers. Their role is to help with emergency situations, closing strips of motorway when required.

Smart Motorway Speed Limits Are Optional

Smart motorways are meant to be adaptive, responding to traffic situations at a given moment. Speed limits can be changed in order to address accidents, emergencies and even air quality. You’ll see current speed limits displayed on digital signs.

It’s one of the more dangerous myths, but some drivers think these are simply optional and that the 70mph limit always stands. It doesn’t, you need to obey whatever limit is depicted at a given time.

If You Breakdown, You Can Remove Pets From Your Vehicle 

Brits love their pets and the thought of leaving them in a stranded vehicle, on a motorway, is an unpleasant one for most of us. However, you’re not allowed to remove them when you breakdown. The reasons for this should be obvious.

The noise and speed of passing vehicles could easily spook pets, causing havoc on the roads and putting them at even greater risk. The reality is, they’re safer in a stranded car than running around on a live motorway lane.

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