MPs Want To Hear Your Views Concerning Electric Cars

The Transport Committee, which is made up of various MPs, is launching a survey to learn more about the public’s attitudes towards electric cars…

MPs Want To Hear Your Views

A group of MPs, who form the Transport Committee, have launched a survey to learn more about the public’s attitudes towards electric cars. In particular, they want to know what’s important to drivers when considering the purchase of an EV. It’s a part of the Committee’s wider research into the likes of the future of road-pricing and the state of the country’s charging infrastructure. The survey itself will ask respondents to share their views concerning the state of vehicle finance, their access to chargers and what they think of the range of available models.

In particular, the results of the survey could help inform the government in finding ways to replace lost revenue via fuel taxes. The survey will run until June 2nd 2021 and can be taken here.

Common Fears and Misconceptions 

Whilst it’s pretty much an accepted fact that electric cars are the future, there’s still a huge amount of disagreement concerning their current accessibility. Fears concerning cost of the vehicles themselves, access to adequate charging infrastructure and so-called ‘range-anxiety’ are still fairly prevalent. Some of these fears are largely a result of misinformation, but others are very real. For instance, access to public chargers is much better in the south of England; and gets progressively worse the further north you travel.

There’s also the fact that millions of households don’t have access to off-road parking. This means that they won’t have access to home chargers; forcing them to locate public chargers every time they need to top up their cars’ batteries. That said, most EVs can boast a range of nearly 200 miles on a single charge. This is more than adequate for the vast majority of drivers, who drive less than 30 miles a day.

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