Nearly 2% Of UK Vehicles Are Untaxed

New figures has revealed that millions in revenue is being lost due to rising numbers of untaxed vehicles on the road network…

Untaxed Vehicles on the Rise

DVLA figures have revealed that a rising number of vehicles on the UK’s road network are unlicensed. Overall, 1.9% of the some 40 million vehicles in the UK aren’t taxed – amounting to 719,000 vehicles. This is up from 634,000 in 2019, although the DVLA has warned that the difference may be a product of a sampling error.

Nevertheless, untaxed vehicles collectively cause the state to lose out on revenues amounting to £119 million; although quantifying a precise figure is extremely challenging. The majority of untaxed vehicles are PLGs (private, light goods vehicles). These are collectively responsible for £114 million of the lost revenue. Meanwhile, goods vehicles were for £1.4 million, buses £0.3 million and other tax classes £0.7 million.

Notably, 55% of offenders have been driving their vehicles untaxed for two months or less. Some 38% of the vehicles were 10 or more years old, and 9% were less than two years old.

‘Hugely Concerning’ 

Nicholas Lyses, the RAC’s head of roads policy, commented on the data. He said, “it’s hugely concerning that we’re seeing ever greater numbers of unlicensed vehicles on the roads with the total number now standing at nearly three-quarters of a million. While we’d like to think the abolition of the paper tax disc back in 2014 isn’t responsible, the fact remains evasion has increased significantly since then to the point where a shocking two in every 100 vehicles on the road aren’t taxed”.

He continued, “the cost from VED evasion in 2021 alone is set to be a whopping £119m, a substantial sum that should be spent on improving our road network. We urge the DVLA to step up enforcement and to do all it can to bring evasion down, as it is clearly not fair on those who do pay their fair share to drive on the road”.

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