Nearly Half of British Drivers Wouldn’t Consider Getting An Electric Car

The popularity of electric cars is rising in the UK. But a new study suggests that a sizable amount of drivers are still reluctant about making the transition…

Not Keen on Electric?

Electric car registrations have never been higher in the UK. However, a new study conducted by MFU Mutual suggests there’s still a sizable amount of British drivers who are less than enthusiastic about them. A survey of 1,000 motorists found that 45% of respondents wouldn’t consider getting an electric car within the next decade.

A number of reasons were given for their reluctance to make the swap. Some 58% said that they were put off by, what they perceived to be, a limited amount of range. A further 58% said that they were worried about a lack of charging infrastructure and 44% said they thought it took too long to charge the vehicles.

Some of the respondents were more positive about the ‘green’ option. The survey found that 29% of respondents would consider making the switch within the next five years. Another 16% said they’d make the change in the next ten years. Finally, 7% said that, whilst they wouldn’t consider an EV, they would consider getting a hybrid model.

Reasons to be Cheerful

Andrew Chalk, car insurance specialist at NFU Mutual, said that the survey provided ‘reasons to be cheerful’. He explained, “there are reasons to be cheerful in this research; with 52% of Brits prepared to consider switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle within 10 years. And although a significant proportion of the population would not currently consider switching to an electric vehicle, we believe that this number will surely fall if public charging infrastructure continues to grow at the current rate – particularly in less densely populated areas”.

He added, “ultimately, we need to understand the worries consumers have about switching to EVs or alternatively fuelled vehicles. Transport accounts for 27% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, so as a country we need to ease those fears if we are to reach net-zero by 2050″.

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