Need To Cut Your Fuel Bills? Here’s How To Save Money

Fuel is expensive, with Brits forking out £54,000 on petrol over the course of a lifetime. But there are a number of easy ways to make a saving. Here’s how…

Eliminate Needless Journeys

One of the easiest ways to save money on fuel is simply to avoid driving when you don’t really need to. Need something from the local corner shop? Walk or cycle. Even tiny journeys can, in the long-term, contribute significantly to your overall expense.

Keep Your Car Light 

The heavier your car is, the harder its engine is going to have to work to keep it moving. In which case, it simply makes sense to keep things as light as possible. Remove tools, baggage and other items from your car’s interior. In addition, remove anything that might contribute to air resistance, such as roof racks.

Shop Around 

Savings can be made on fuel by simply being more selective in terms of where you buy it. Most petrol stations advertise their prices, for both petrol and diesel, in a prominent way. Remember what’s on offer, and where, going for the cheaper option when possible. As a general rule, however, supermarkets always tend to be cheaper than independents – this is simply due to their buying power.

Adjust Your Driving Style

A sure way to save money on your fuel bills is simply to drive in a fuel-efficient way. Needless acceleration, excessive speeding and harsh braking can all make your engine hungry for additional fuel. Keeping things smooth and considered will save you money in both the short, and long, terms.

An ‘extreme’ approach to all this is called ‘hypermiling’. Some drivers perfect the art of driving in such a way as to maximise their fuel efficiency. There are a number of reputable sites online explaining how to do this in a safe manner.

Don’t Bother with ‘Premium’ Fuels 

You’ll often see ‘premium’ fuels, usually petrols, been offered at petrol stations. These typically claim to clean out your car’s fuel systems and provide better value for money. The evidence that they have anything to offer the typical vehicle, however, is extremely weak. Generally speaking, only the likes of sports and supercars will experience any benefit. Give them a miss and save your money.

Be Conservative With Your Air-Conditioning

Believe it or not, your car’s air-conditioning can be a major source of fuel consumption. If you’re cold, you’re better off simply wrapping up in thicker clothing. If it’s hot, simply wear something light and open your car’s windows.

Watch Out for Electronics 

The interiors of our cars are getting busier, with the likes of mobile phones, sat navs and even portable fans. All of these can, of course, contribute to fuel costs – just like other gadgets, including heated seats and steering wheels. Only use these when you absolutely need to if you want to make a saving.

Look After Your Tyres 

Having appropriate, well looked afer tyres is an easy way to reduce your costs as a motorist. When they’re in a good condition, and have the correct air pressures, your car will happily glide across road surfaces. When they’ve seen better days, however, your vehicle’s engine has to work harder to move them – so keep an eye on them with regular inspections.

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