New Campaign Takes Aim At Myths Around Electric Cars

The Government has released a new leaflet, both digital and print, aimed at tackling myths surrounding electric vehicles…

Myth-Busting Leaflet

The Department for Transport and Office for Zero Emission Vehicles have released a new free leaflet designed to tackle myths surrounding EVs. Available both in print and digital versions, it details some of the most common misconceptions surrounding the vehicles; separating the facts from the fiction. Here are some examples…

‘Too Little Range’

Perhaps the most common myth surrounding electric vehicles is that they offer too little range for most people. As the leaflet points out, some 99% of the journeys made in England are under 100 miles. However, there are twenty EV options in the UK that can cover more than 200 miles. Moreover, many new models can cover more than 300.

‘They’re Polluting’

It’s been suggested by some that electric vehicles actually produce more emissions, rather than reducing them. However, a new EV produces just a third of the greenhouse gas emissions as an equivalent petrol model; even when battery production and disposal are taken into account.

‘Too Expensive’

Electric cars can be slightly more expensive than diesel and petrol models. That said, price parity is thought to be on the horizon, likely being achieved over the next few years. Regardless, EVs entail significant savings, in terms of fuel costs and servicing and maintenance.

‘Batteries Regularly Need to be Replaced’

EV batteries are expensive, and there are concerns that they regularly need to be replaced. Fortunately, this is just another myth. Indeed, there’s no evidence that the lifespan of an EV is any different from a diesel or petrol. Most EV batteries have warranties sitting at around eight years (or 100,000 miles). Battery technology is also continuously improving.

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