New Car? Here’s How To Adjust To A New Ride

Getting a new car can be exciting, but it also means adjusting to features and handling qualities. Here’s a few ways to make the process as painless as possible…

Make Adjustments 

The first thing you want to do after getting a new car is to make adjustments to the interior. It’s easy to overlook, but we all need things like the driving seat, mirrors and steering wheel adjusted to reflect our own proportions and preferences. Take a few minutes to ensure that everything is accessible and comfortable for you and your passengers.

Locate the Controls

New car, new controls. Before setting out on your first journey, make sure to familiarise yourself with the vehicle’s controls and in-car tech. Naturally, it’s worth prioritising things like headlights, hazard warning lights and mirrors. Infotainment systems are getting increasingly busier, too, so take some time getting used to all of the buttons and dials.

Think About Proportions 

Some of us tend to go for models in the same segments, whether it be SUVs or hatchbacks. But, from time to time, you may be tempted to go for something bigger or smaller than your previous vehicle. In which case, it’s important that you take the new proportions into account when driving, parking and otherwise maneuvering; you don’t want to ruin your new car by scraping a wall or a parked vehicle!

Pack your Essentials

Our cars aren’t just a means of transport, they’re fundamentally our personal spaces. So, it’s not surprising that we like to pack some comforts when we’re driving. What do you usually like to travel with? Some sunglasses, perhaps, or a mobile phone holder. Make sure to pack everything that you usually liked to have at hand in your previous vehicle.

Go for a Practice Drive 

Different cars drive and handle in different ways. In which case, you should try to familiarise yourself with a new car in a safe and quiet environment. Get used to the feel and response of the pedals, the response of the engine and so on. Try to reach a point in which you know, with confidence, how your vehicle is going to respond before setting out on longer, and more demanding, journeys.

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