New Survey Sheds Light On How Often Brits Drive

A survey has revealed how often Brits drive, offering insights into our motoring habits, day-to-day lives and how they’ve been affected the coronavirus pandemic…

How Often Do Brits Drive? 

A new survey conducted by YouGov had shed light on how often Brits drive. It discovered that 80% of us drive at least two days a week. Nearly one in four drivers (24%) take to the roads every day of the week; that’s the equivalent of one in six of all adults in the country. Interestingly enough, those motorists who do drive on a daily basis are more likely to use a second hand vehicle as their main form of transport (69%). Daily drivers also veer towards select brands, including Ford (16%), Vauxhall (11%) and Volkswagen (7%).

Some of these figures are probably (at least in part) a reaction to the coroanvirus pandemic. Research has revealed that more than half of all motorists in the country are now more dependent on their cars to get around. One study by the RAC suggested that 57% of people believe their cars are more important now than before the outbreak. This is likely due to people shunning public transport for fear of exposing themselves to the virus. In fact, reluctance to use public transport is at an 18 year high; but many people also cite high fees and a lack of reliability as reasons for avoiding it.

A Strengthening ‘Bond’ 

Rod Dennis, speaking for the RAC, stressed how the relationship between drivers and their cars has strengthened over recent months. He said, “even with lower traffic volumes, the pandemic appears to have reinforced the bond between drivers and their cars – with public transport less attractive than ever. Motorists see having access to a car as being even more important for the trips they need to make, be that shopping for essentials or getting out to see family and friends in other parts of the country when restrictions allow”. In addition, he stressed that doubts about public transport predate the pandemic. He added, “even before the coronavirus, drivers complained that public transport fares were often too high and services didn’t run when they needed them to”.

So, the future of the car in the UK looks bright indeed. But that’s going to pose a serious problem for the government and transport infrastructure; not to mention anyone interested in improving congestion and air quality across the country. It remains to be seen whether new trends will gradually disappear as the pandemic passes; or whether they’ll remain a more permanent fixture.

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