Nissan Leaf To Be Made With Renewable Energy In The UK

Whilst EVs are certainly the future, concerns have been raised concerning their manufacturing process. Nissan aims to remedy this, by using solar power…

Nissan and Renewable Energy

Electric cars are, generally, seen as a key solution in dealing with the climate crisis and air pollution. However, fears have been raised over their manufacturing process – with some critics suggesting that, should they rely on unclean power, they remain self-defeating. Enter Nissan.

The Japanese automaker has received permission to double the size of its solar farm at its vast Sunderland plant. Once the new solar farm has been completed, it’ll provide the facility with 20% of its power; and enough to ensure that every Nissan Leaf is manufactured using renewable energy. Given that, just before the Pandemic, 43,000 Leafs had been made at Sunderland, the potential environmental benefits are significant.

Going Green 

Alan Johnson, Nissan Sunderland manufacturing VP, commented on the expansion of the solar farm. He said, “we have been using renewable sources on-site for more than 15 years. The expansion of our solar farm is an integral part of the Nissan EV36Zero project and the company’s journey to carbon neutrality”.

The expansion at Sunderland is the first of ten planned by Nissan. It’s described its EV36Zero project as a “flagship EV hub creating a world-first EV manufacturing ecosystem”. Promisingly for the UK, Sunderland will serve as the heart of the initiative.

Boris Johnson commended the plan. He said, “commitments like these exemplify our ability to create hundreds of green jobs and boost British industry, whist also allowing people to travel in an affordable and sustainable way so we can eliminate our contributions to climate change”.

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