Noise Cameras Rolled Out In London To Catch Speeding Supercars

So-called noise cameras have officially been launched in West London. It’s hoped they’ll deter speeding supercar drivers…

London’s Noise Cameras 

Every driver knows what a speed camera is, but few will have come across noise cameras. Authorities have already installed them in parts of West London; where a rising number of supercar drivers are treating local roads as ‘racetracks’. The cameras have a 74 decibel (dB) noise threshold. Within eleven days of launching, they were activated a whopping 130 times. The offending drivers are issued an initial warning – fines will follow for repeat offenders. These will range between £1,00 and £2,500. Authorities may also choose to seize offending vehicles.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea installed the noise-activated cameras after receiving complaints from local residents. Locals claim streets have effectively become magnets for drivers of  Lamborghinis and Ferraris. But it’s not just supercars and sports cars that are activating the cameras. A Range Rover driver managed to fall foul of them, too; they clocked in at just under 100dB. Thus far, the loudest sound measured was 104dB. For perspective, that’s equivalent to a helicopter flying above your head. As it stands, cars must meet noise limits introduced by the EU. Originally, these stood at 82dB. Currently, the limit sits at 74dB.

‘Residents Have Had Enough’ 

Johnny Thalassites, Kensington’s lead member for transport, explained the rationale behind the noise cameras. He said, “residents have had enough of drivers using our streets as a racetrack. Supercars look good and most drivers are considerate. But when they’re not, it is disruptive and irritating for people living and working in the area”.

Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, announced the use of the technology last year. At the time he said, “noise pollution makes the lives of people in communities across Britain an absolute misery and has very serious health impacts. This is why I am determined to crack down on the nuisance drivers who blight our streets”. He added, “new technology will help us lead the way in making our towns and cities quieter, and I look forward to seeing how these exciting new cameras could work”. Precisely how effective the cameras will be remains to be seen. After all, it’s unlikely that three figure, or even four figure, sums will deter owners of supercars. But the prospect of losing them just might. Time will tell.

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