Number Of Motorists Filling Up With Wrong Fuel Soars

Five times as many people have filled up with the wrong fuel than usual as a result of panic buying, new figures have revealed…

The Wrong Fuel 

The chaos being experienced at a number of petrol stations has been made worse by large amounts of drivers filling up with the wrong fuel. More than five times the usual amount of people put petrol in their diesel vehicles, and vice-versa, than usual. According to the AA, it attended 250 cases of misfuelling over the weekend; it’d usually attend between 20 – 25 a day, on average.

Misfuelling can have dire consequences for vehicles; especially if drivers don’t notice their mistake and start their vehicles’ ignitions. This is because starting the vehicle will cause the incorrect fuel to enter the engine system. However, the consequences are usually worse when a driver puts petrol in a diesel car. Regardless, the mistake often causes vehicles to end up stranded at petrol stations – sometimes for hours. This makes lengthy queues worse and accessing sources of fuel harder.

Drivers Need to be Careful 

Edmund King, President of the AA, commented on the rising number of misfuelling incidents. He said, “drivers also need to be careful because this weekend we have seen a dramatic rise in misfuelling compared to last weekend. This in turn unnecessarily reduces the fuel available as the whole tank has to be drained before refilling with the correct fuel”.

He continued, “for the vast majority of drivers there is no need to rush to the pumps, and we urge people to only fill up when essential. There is no need to top up ‘just in case”.

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