On The Fence About Electric Cars? Here’s Why You Should Consider One

At the rate electric cars are developing, it’s feasible that the car after your next will be powered by electricity. It’s no longer a fantasy or rampant speculation. It’s a stated direction being offered by governments and the automotive industry at large. With this in mind, it’d be wise to focus on the positive reasons to buy one in the first place…

They’re Really Fun To Drive 

The problem with electric cars is that, even now, most drivers have never set foot in one; let alone driven one. One of the first things EV newbies notice is just how fun they are to drive around in. Why? It’s a question of torque. Electric motors allow them to effortlessly build up traction and speed, making everything feel fluid and nearly effortless. It’s often said to be one of those ‘eureka’ moments and it’s, well, positive.

A Smooth And Soothing Experience

Another positive of electric vehicles is the quality of their drive. In short, they’re smooth and quiet. All of the protests and rumblings of petrol and diesel engines are gone. Instead, you’re left with a nearly silent experience. This can be unsettling at first (at least for some people), but in time it becomes a perfect delight. Who doesn’t want their drive to be relaxing?

You’re Reducing Your Risk Of Disease

You’re probably aware of the risks posed by car emissions. The sight of people walking around cities with surgical masks is, rather tragically, no longer an oddity. What you might not know is that study after study has shown that emissions are worse inside of vehicles. So you’re worse off than the pedestrian with a surgical mask. Tesla has included air filters in some of its models, tackling the problem head on. But, more generally, more EVs means cleaner air for everyone. Cleaner air means less heart disease, cancer and lung ailments.

Range Anxiety Is Often Exaggerated 

Commentators have often suggested that ‘range anxiety’ is a major obstacle standing between motorists and EVs. This is the fear that the vehicles will run out of charge before they’re able to reach their destination (or a charging station). The fact of the matter is most EVs now offer a range somewhere between 150 – 200 miles. For perspective, the average commute in the UK is 18.5 miles. In addition, the nation’s motorways are littered with service stations boasting faster and faster charging infrastructure. As it stands, if you’re not an HGV driver or regularly driving to Scotland and back, you’ll fine with an EV.

Charging Has Never Been Quicker

Thanks to technological leaps and investment, charging technology is improving. The positive of that means you don’t have to wait around for ages when your EV’s charge is low. Super fast chargers can top up a car to around 80% in 30 minutes; probably the amount of time you’d spend at a service station anyway. Home-chargers are slower, taking anywhere between 8 – 12 hours. But that’s fine given that you’re not using the car whilst you sleep. The UK has also recently erected its first ultra-fast 150kW chargers. These will be able to deliver 100 miles’ of charge in ten minutes.

The Number Of Charging Points Is Growing

Ok, we’ll just say it. Charging infrastructure is wildly insufficient to allow for a mass-transition to electric vehicles in the UK. But the situation is improving and at an ever increasing pace. According to ‘Zap Map’ there as (as of the 7th of May) 40,673 connectors at 15,099 locations; with 628 chargers added in the last 30 days. Conversely, separate figures have found that the number of petrol stations is actually declining. In other words, the situation isn’t perfect but it is improving; especially for the south of the country where the greatest concentrations of charging points are found.

You’ll Be Helping To Prevent An Emissions Calamity

Electric cars have many positives in of themselves; whether it’s how they drive, how much they cost or the technological perks they tend to come with. But one of the most important and most positive aspects of owning one is the difference it’s making to the world’s climate. They’re emission-free. Whilst there’s an on-going debate about how they’re manufactured and where raw materials are sourced, EVs are clean once you’ve got one. So, every time you take to the wheel you can pat yourself on the back for tackling climate change head on.

Being An Early Adopter Has Its Perk

In the UK, subsidies and incentives for EVs are few are far between; unlike the likes of EV-saturated Norway. But there’s still the Plug-In Grant, which will knock £3,500 off of the price of your vehicle. This has already been reduced from £4,500 and popular hybrids have been made ineligible; a reflection of the fact that more people are exploiting it. There’s also the advantage of familiarising yourself with the cars and charging tech before anyone else.

You Might Make Money Out Of It

Electric cars are at the forefront of automotive technology; especially ‘driverless’ features. Much of this is largely a result of Tesla and Elon Musk’s obsession with taking the ‘fiction’ out of science-fiction. But what this means is they’ll also likely be leading the way in the so-called ‘sharing economy.’ Our cars are stationary for some 90% of their lives. It’s therefore been proposed that motorists can transform their cars into money-making machines by lending them to those who need a temporary ride. Indeed, a number of apps already facilitate this. Electric cars, especially Tesla’s, will prove competitive as they’re already fitted with ‘driverless’ capabilities, which means they’ll act as self-driven taxis.

Maintenance Costs Will Be Lower 

Electric vehicles face cheaper maintenance costs; it’s a fact. It’s partly due to the fact that combustion engines are so complex; they possess a seemingly endless array of moving parts all routinely exposed to extreme temperatures. Batteries, on the other hand, whilst far from simple are much more self-contained. Combined with the money you’ll save on fuel, they’re a better option economically in the long-term. Perhaps they’re be sounder in the short-term soon, too, as manufacturers begin to churn out more affordable models. Positive, either way.

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