One In Five British Drivers Ignore Their Dashboard Warning Lights

New research has revealed that a disturbing number of British drivers are ignoring their car’s dashboard warning lights…

Ignoring Dashboard Warnings 

Research, conducted by Halfords, suggests that one in five British drivers are ignoring dashboard warning lights; putting themselves, and other road-users, at considerable risk. For perspective, it potentially means that there are around 117 million warning lights currently being shown in vehicles, on the road network, right now.

A third of drivers (30%) have admitted that they often overlook their dashboard warning lights. Furthermore, less than half of them are confident that they know what they mean. Some 18% of the participants in the research said that they’d experienced a breakdown because they’d ignored a warning light, too. Common excuses for not investigating them include not having enough time, or simply believing that they’re not serious or a real danger. That said, 18% and 16% of warning lights concerned braking systems and air bays respectively.

‘Should Never be Ignored’

Tony Greenidge, CEO of IAM RoadSmart, has stressed the importance of drivers addressing dashboard warning lights immediately. He said, “dashboard warning lights should never be ignored. Not only will they lead to an MOT fail, but they are almost always a pre-warning that something is about to stop working and that you could suddenly be stranded in a very dangerous place”.

He added, “the last thing anyone wants over the festive period is a totally avoidable breakdown, so get everything checked before that big trip and your car will be one less thing to stress about during the holidays”. In other words, if your dashboard starts illuminating light a Christmas tree, get to a garage as soon as possible.

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