Parents Are Too Scared To Teach Their Children To Drive

New research has revealed that a significant number of parents are too scared to teach their children to drive, for fear of falling out or having an accident…

Parents Are Too Afraid To Teach

Around 20% of parents are too scared or nervous to teach their children to drive. That’s according to a survey conducted by Young Driver. Consisting of 1,004 respondents, it revealed that 12% of parents were worried about the lack of dual controls; clearly concerned that they wouldn’t be able to intervene if necessary. For 18% of them, however, fears were a tad more domestic as the prospect of falling out with their offspring was at the top of their concerns. There was also a gap between moms and dads in terms of confidence, too. Some 34% of the mothers surveyed expressed concerns in comparison to 19% of fathers.

As it stands, anyone below the age of seventeen can learn to drive on private roads. Once a person reaches the age of 17, they can begin to receive lessons or tuition on public roads. Anyone giving unpaid tuition must be of at least 21 years of age and have been driving for at least three years. The three years experience must match the licensing of the vehicle. A learner driver can face tough penalties for flouting the rules. They can be fined up to £1,000 and get up to six penalty points on their provisional licence if they drive without proper supervision.

The Best Of Intentions 

Quentin Willson, who’s recently written a book about teaching young people to drive, has spoken of the ‘arguments, stress and tears’ involved in the process. He said, “although parents may have the best intentions, the reality when they get behind the wheel with their child can be arguments, stress and tears. One in seven surveyed by Young Driver said it was likely both parties would end up losing their temper”. He added, “most parents learnt to drive decades ago and the test has changed dramatically since then, meaning their advice can confuse the learner. They often aren’t aware that the test now includes sat navs, independent driving, mechanical questions and new parking manoeuvres. It’s also a real skill knowing how to teach someone how to drive and with the best will in the world, most motorists have picked up some bad habits over the years”.

Willson did state, however, that a learner driver, instructor and parent can make a good team in the long-term. He said, “with preparation and planning, together parent, child and instructor can make a really strong team, leading to the best possible outcome in terms of creating a safe, confident and skilled driver. And that’s good news for all road users”.

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