Pass Plus: Does It Really Mean Cheaper Car Insurance Premiums?

Pass Plus is essentially advanced training for drivers. For years, thousands have flocked to it with the promise of cheaper car insurance premiums. But are they being duped?

Pass Plus: Myth Or Reality?

What is Pass Plus? It’s an extended training course drivers can take after passing their practical driving test. Most people who take it are young, new drivers. But whilst some are motivated by improving their skills on the roads, many more are motivated by the alleged financial advantages it entails; namely through cheaper car insurance. It’s a straightforward rationale. Take an advanced driving course and demonstrate you’re a more experienced and highly-trained motorist; as a consequence, you’re demonstrating your less of a risk on the road to insurers. The reality, however is much more complex.

Research conducted by MoneySuperMarket has shown that there’s little, if any difference, in car insurance when Pass Plus is factored in. The comparison site analysed 50,000 insurance quotes from between May and July 2019. It discovered that, on average, providers weren’t changing prices when consumers switched between Full UK’ and ‘Full UK with Pass Plus’ options for their licences. Given that Pass Plus costs around £200, this isn’t a small detail.

Getting A Better Premium 

So, based on the numbers, Pass Plus isn’t a gateway to cheaper car insurance. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile, it can still make drivers more confident and safer behind the wheel. That said, car insurance can be crippling for new drivers and pricey for their more experienced counterparts. How, then, can we make a saving? Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, has the answer. She said, “the best way to save on car insurance is to shop around and compare quotes from different providers”. Simple.

Never take the first quote you’re given, shop around and try to get at least three of them before making a commitment. Loyalty doesn’t pay in the car insurance industry either; in fact, providers often prey on idle drivers and gently nudge up their premiums. Keep moving around. It’s also important to buy a car that’s financially sustainable; young drivers will face serious bills if they go for a model with a roaring engine and speedy 0 – 60 time. Finally, focus on driving safely and consider a black box. Avoiding accidents and claims protects your no-claims bonus. A black box is also a good way for drivers (again, especially the young) in proving they’re not a risk.

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