Petrol Prices at Lowest Level since November

Petrol prices have finally fallen to the lowest level since November 2021, having previously reached a record high…

Petrol Prices Finally Fall 

Petrol prices have, at last, fallen. They’re now at their lowest level since November last year; with the prices of both diesel and unleaded petrol falling by 0.2p per litre. It means that prices are now at 148.65p and 144.82p respectively per litre.

Rather than being a product of any kind of goodwill amongst fuel retailers, the drop in price is a product of a fall in wholesale prices. This was, itself, a product of the US sending a flotilla’s worth of tankers to Europe in order to top up dwindling stocks. Nevertheless, prices remain at an historic high. Petrol prices are 28p higher than last year.

Relief for Drivers 

Fuel retailers have come under fire from motoring organisations in the UK – including the RAC. They claim that they’ve been in a position to lower prices for sometime time, but have refused to budge. This has come at a particularly difficult time for drivers and consumers in general; with the cost of living rising to such an extent that some commentators are calling it a ‘crisis’.

It remains to be seen whether prices will fall further any time soon. Until a significant drop takes place, motorists should be selective in terms of where they top up; some supermarkets, for instance, are more competitive than others. They should also drive smoothly and carefully, conserving as much fuel as they can.

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