Planning On Driving Home For Christmas?

Millions of drivers will be taking to the roads over the Christmas holiday. Here’s some tips to keep your festive road trips safe and free of stress…

It’s all about Timing and Preparation

When you drive in the Christmas period is just as important as how you drive. Millions of Brits will be driving over the holidays, going on shopping trips and visiting friends and family. That means traffic and congestion is inevitable. Christmas Eve is particularly busy. If you’re visiting friends and family, consider staying over the night and getting to them the day before.

It’s also wise to surrender some beauty sleep and to set off on your journeys bright and early; beating other motorists to the road network and missing peak times.

Check your Vehicle’s up to it

You should conduct general maintenance checks on your vehicle regardless of the time of year. But winter weather, being particularly demanding, makes regular checks even more important than usual. You’ll want to ensure that your car’s tyres have a good amount of tread and possess the correct air pressures. In addition, ensure your car’s lights are working, test the windscreen wipers and make sure you’ve got enough antifreeze and coolant.

Brace for Winter Road Conditions 

We can’t drive as we usually do in the winter. Icy roads and built-up snow can make the road network perilous. In which case, make sure that you drive at a lower speed than you usually would; leaving extra space between yourself and other road-users. Slippery surfaces can, after all, significantly increase stopping times. Visibility can also be reduced, too, so make sure you can see clearly before making any manoeuvres.

Hide Your Presents 

Criminals love the winter. Dark mornings and dark nights provide them with additional confidence. In addition, they know that many drivers leave their cars, and their contents, unattended when carrying out the defrosting process. Keep any valuables in your car, including Christmas prevents, well out of site. If possible, avoid leaving them in your car altogether and store them somewhere safe.

The Morning After

Not all drivers caught drink-driving realise that they’re being irresponsible. Many drivers simply underestimate how long alcohol can remain in their systems. People tend to drink more than usual over the Christmas holiday; so it’s wise to be careful the next morning, should they consider driving. If you need to think about whether you’re up to it, as a rule, you’re probably not.

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