Police Have Recovered More Than A Thousand Catalytic Converters

A major police operation, conducted by the British Transport police, has successfully recovered more than a 1,000 stolen catalytic converters…

Police Recover Catalytic Converters 

A joint police operation has seen a thousand stolen catalytic converters recovered, in addition to over fifty arrests being made. The effort was coordinated by the British Transport Police. Forces came together and worked alongside the Joint Unit for Waste Crime. Together, they made intelligence-led site visits,  coordinated enforcement activities and participated in forensic marking. Between April 19th – 2rd, officers visited 926 sites; including the likes of catalytic converter processing plants, scrap metal dealers, vehicle dismantlers and buyers themselves.

Collectively, the operation saw 56 arrests made, 664 vehicles stopped and 1,037 stolen catalytic converters and 297 items of stolen property recovered. All in all, 244 offences were recorded. The police also held marking demonstrations, showing drivers how to protect their vehicles. In total, 1,610 vehicles had their catalytic converters marked – making it harder to steal them.

Making It Harder 

Catalytic converters work by cleaning harmful gases from vehicles before they can enter the atmosphere via exhaust systems. They often contain precious metals – the price of which has skyrocketed. This has caused a spike in thefts, especially in the likes of inner-cities. Criminal gangs are so brazen that they’ll target cars in broad daylight.

Charlie Doyle of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, commented on the joint operation. He said, “the positive results from this week are testament to why it’s vital we join forces to share information and specialist knowledge to disrupt those operating in this area of crime”. He added, “by taking a multi-agency approach, we are maximising our ability to identify those who are involved in catalytic converter theft, making it harder for them to sell stolen metal and gain from their criminal activities”.

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